Chad Missildine


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Helping high-achieving leaders, teams and organizations to

●      Clarify organizational vision & values

●      Identify cultural and behavioral values to inform hiring decisions and organizational performance management

●      Identify team strengths and weaknesses and develop a game plan for quarterly team and team member priorities

●      Learn unique personalities and increase self-awareness for team members and leadership

●      Develop growth strategies and realistic action plans

●      Increase employee engagement and productivity

●      Develop a plan to further implement values into organizational culture

●      Identify unique selling propositions and key value statements to utilize for messaging and marketing


Chad has helped our organization go to the next level with a vision to reach 30 million people around the world by growing our team, strengthening our culture and increasing our revenue. He has also been that encouraging mentor to help me to be healthy physically, relationally, financially and professionally.

/  Greg, CEO  /


Chad brought strong leadership as he equipped and empowered our key leaders at over 30 locations around the U.S. with the right strategy, training & resources. Throughout this process, he focused just as much on the leader and their personal growth and wellbeing as he did on the systems and processes to deliver results.

/  Rodney, Executive  /