Chad Missildine



High-Achieving Leaders, Teams and Organizations

Helping high-achieving leaders, teams and organizations to: 

●      Learn the behaviors and value each of the 5 Voices and identify the natural leadership Voice for each team member

●      Increase team performance by helping team members discover their unique leadership voice

●      Discover the three most important leadership principles and the three most common mistakes leaders make

●      Desire team trust and make five personal commitments to contribute to a healthy team

●      Learn three secrets to emotional intelligence and how to intentionally increase personal influence through developing emotional intelligence

●      Build a world-changing culture by living out key organizational values

●      Become a balanced leader and win long-term personally, physically, mentally and professionally

●      Turn setbacks into setups and knowing how to lead through pain and personal challenges

Non-Profit Leaders, Teams And Organizations

Helping non-profit leaders, teams and organizations to:

●      Discover three secrets to creating, growing and retaining passionate donors

●      Building a values-centered organization and attracting the right leaders

●      Hear leadership stories from leading at a national non-profit in 33 locations with $140 million in annual revenue and 850+ team members

●      Generosity and Giving training and development for pastors or fundraisers

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5 Voices Workshops for leaders. One of many speaking topics available.

Session 1: Discover your leadership voice

Session 2: The Power of your voice

Sessions 3: The art of collaboration

Session 4: Optimizing Team performance

Session 5: Team kryptonite

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5 Voices Workshop

The 5 Voices Workshops can be facilitated in person or video with you and your leadership team. Let’s connect and see how 5 Voices can help you and your team grow and get results. Chad is also available for speaking with a number of other leadership topics.


Chad has passionately facilitated multiple trainings and events for our organization from stage. He knows how to move people and organizations to growth and action. Not only is he a dynamic speaker and trainer, but Chad is also a seasoned guide that can help any high achieving leader grow in their influence. If you want to help your organization build a healthy culture, expand influence and increase bottom line revenue, Chad is your guide to get there.

/  Dr. John Sowers, The Mentoring Project /


5 Voices was the key that helped us unlock each person’s full potential on our team. It has been transformational for our entire organization. If you desire a more cohesive and productive team with better communication, take them through 5 Voices.

/  Andrew J. Dahl, President, Dahl Automotive  /