Chad Missildine


Organizations Either Thrive Or Die.


As a result, The pressures of leading and scaling at a high level can be crushing for leaders.

most executive leaders we connect with are:

  • Stressed, overwhelmed, overworked & under pressure

  • Short on time & resources

  • Want to grow teams & culture, but don’t have a clear plan

  • On a leadership “island” without Support They can Trust


We get it.

We understand the pressure & demands.

we have been there.


We have:

  • helped hundreds of high-achieving leaders & organizations including our own

  • Launched and Lead Several Successful Companies

  • Helped Real leaders Have real Impact and get real results



Chad helped us build a leadership and management team that grew our annual revenue from $8 million to $24 million in one single year. I would highly recommend Chad and his team to any CEO or leader wanting to grow their leadership, influence and revenue.

/  Denver Green, CEO, Ashton Gray Companies  /


We help Leaders and Teams Primarily In 3 Ways:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Speaking

  • Consulting


Our process

  1. Schedule a free call- We will Discuss your situation and needs

  2. We will Create a Custom Leadership Plan for you and your organization

  3. We will Execute the plan over time and help you get the results you are looking for

Chad M. 1


Chad has been working as a leader of leaders for the last 20+ years. Before the age of 28, Chad build a successful real estate and construction company with several million dollars in annual revenue. He learned at a young age the importance of building relationships with business owners, builders, developers, bankers, investors, entrepreneurs and business owners and has been an entrepreneur in real estate, construction, coaching and consulting with several multi-million dollar businesses. In his 20’s, Chad also mentored hundreds of teens, parents and young adults to help them gain clarity and success in their life and work.

Beginning in 2007, Chad spent over a decade working with one of the largest non-profits in the United States with 33+ locations, an annual revenue of over $140 million & 850+ team members. Over 11+ years, he mentored, coached and trained hundreds of pastors from around the world and helped develop organizational workplace culture, stewardship and revenue. His role also involved mentoring hundreds of high achieving business and organizational leaders in government, non-profit, construction, real estate, oil and gas, health care, law and accounting industries. Chad coached, mentored and learned from some of the most successful voices in leadership from around the U.S. During that time, Chad noticed a consistent leadership void in corporate America and with entrepreneurs. Seeing a need for leaders to be supported while scaling and growing their companies, Chad began to pursue his calling coaching and mentoring leaders to help them grow their organizations and impact.

He has recently helped a growing real estate company expand from $8 million to over $24 million in annual revenue in one year. Chad is coaching and consulting the executive leadership team at one of the largest law and accounting offices in the Midwest as well as other successful organizations. He has coached CEOs, CFOs, Olympic athletes, authors, sales recruiters, health and wellness leaders, non-profit executives and a number of high potential leaders.

Speaking topics include 5 Voices of Leadership & Discovering Your Leadership Voice, Growing a Dynamic Organizational Culture and Becoming a Leader Worth Following.

Chad is a EQi-2.0* & EQi360* Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach to help high-achieving leaders understand their emotional intelligence and how it impacts workplace performance, conflict resolution, change management, teamwork, decision making and more.

He is also a 5 Voices* Certified Coach through GiANT Worldwide. 5 Voices is a powerful personality and communication system to help individuals and teams increase self awareness, collaboration and performance.

Chad loves spending time with his family as well as running, exploring and growing. He is called to help high-achieving leaders grow their organizations and win in what matters most.


As I led my company through the natural tensions of “growing up,” Chad provided consistent experience and wisdom on how to handle a number of leadership challenges. By modeling healthy leadership and holding me accountable to the same high expectations, Chad has helped me raise my performance as a leader in employee development, recruiting and communication. Over the two years Chad worked closely with me, our organization grew twice as much as other companies in our industry.

/  Clay Steves, CEO  /